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Concentric cohesion, the mode wins the future. Yibin station of metus golden autumn Marketing Summit is holding

concentric cohesion, the mode wins the future. Yibin station of metus golden autumn Marketing Summit is holding

2020 little ant EQ1 is the first small pure electric vehicle based on the super lightweight technology platform of all aluminum space architecture and all composite outer panels. September 27

September 25, "With one heart and one mind, the mode wins the future, the golden autumn Marketing Summit of metus Yibin station" was grandly held in Altes Hotel Yibin. Zou Hai of metus Yibin marketing center and county and town dealer partners who came to Yibin jointly participated in the summit activities. The new products of metus were grandly released, and the three major strategic products with "art paint + color stone paint + waterproof auxiliary materials" as the core were launched. The atmosphere was hot, customers were enthusiastic about ordering, and coating COA Mongolia was rich in resources

Zou Haizhi's welcome speech from meitux Yibin marketing center, and Yang Yun from east Sichuan Sales Department analyzed the domestic building materials market environment in 2020 and explained the company's annual important strategy. In 2020, meitux retail focused on "providing a perfect product system, creating a customer-centered service system, and strongly launched a 3 + 1 product and channel promotion system with" art paint + color stone paint + waterproof accessories + decoration company channel "as the core, Focus on the combination of manufacturers and win-win future

always adhering to the corporate vision of making the world more environmentally friendly and beautiful, metus has released high-performance environmental protection products such as anti-virus paint and natural inorganic paint grandly launched by metus in 2020, providing competitive products for dealers and distributors. On site customers experience art paint, color stone paint and waterproof products, and praise the excellent performance of metus products one after another

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at the scene of the summit, customers highly recognized the products of metus and ordered one after another. In 2020, metus will invest more resources, focus on the 3 + 1 product and channel promotion system, be a provider of excellent coating solutions, link with national partners, establish shared resources, provide perfect industrial chain services, and innovate technologies in synthetic resin and art paint ecosystem, so that dealers can have better products and services

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