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Abstract: This paper puts forward the characteristics of green logistics, analyzes the relationship between logistics and packaging, and expounds how to implement green packaging under the green logistics system

key words: green packaging; Green logistics; Logistics system

environmental logistics is to study the modern logistics system from the perspective of environmental protection, form a comprehensive circular logistics system symbiotic with the environment, change the one-way relationship between economic development and logistics, curb the harm of material flow to the environment, and adopt a new concept of living in harmony with the environment, Every link of the logistics system is built on the basis of protecting the environment, so that waste materials can return to the normal logistics process, and promote the healthy development of economy and consumption. It's down {aiming at environmental pollution and reducing resource consumption, we use advanced logistics technology to plan and implement logistics activities such as transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, circulation and processing. Green logistics has the following characteristics:

first, the fundamental difference between green logistics and general logistics lies in the diversification of objectives. General logistics takes economic interests as the fundamental goal, resulting in the contradiction with environmental interests. Green logistics is to integrate the environment Interests and economic interests, as the common goal, pursue the win-win of environmental interests and economic interests. Modern green logistics management emphasizes the overall and long-term interests, emphasizes all-round attention to the environment, and reflects the green image of the enterprise. It is a new trend of logistics management

Second, the concept of environmental protection runs through the whole process of green logistics. From positive logistics operation to waste recycling logistics for resource reuse, from logistics system planning to logistics activity management, environmental protection is an important index to evaluate whether the logistics system is effective and reasonable

Third, from the perspective of the scope of green logistics activities, it includes not only individual green logistics operations (such as green transportation, green packaging, green circulation and processing, etc.), but also waste recycling logistics to realize resource reuse

Fourth, green logistics pays attention to the cooperation between enterprises and seeks the enterprise development strategy of economic and environmental symbiosis

the implementation of green logistics is not only a matter for enterprises, but also from the perspective of government constraints, strengthen the management of modern logistics system and jointly build a framework for the development of green logistics

1 Relationship between logistics and packaging

modern logistics organically combines many activities such as material packaging, loading and unloading, storage, inventory management, circulation and processing, transportation and distribution to form a complete supply chain and provide users with multi-functional and integrated comprehensive services. As an important part of modern logistics, packaging technology faces new opportunities and challenges in the face of the rapid development of modern logistics, which requires it to develop towards intelligence, standardization, systematization, mechanization and automation, convenience and rationalization

on the other hand. Packaging plays a special role in the whole logistics activities. In the process of production and circulation, packaging is at the end of the production process and the beginning of the logistics process. It is not only the end of production, but also the beginning of the logistics process. Practical research and proof show that the significance of packaging as the starting point of logistics is much greater than that as the end point of production [l]. In the whole logistics process, packaging exists all the time. When packaging products, what kind of packaging materials (such as paper, plastic, glass and iron products), packaging containers (such as cartons, plastic products and corrugated cartons), packaging technology (such as moisture-proof packaging, shrink packaging, vacuum packaging, etc.) and packaging structure (tubular box, disc box, functional carton, etc.) will directly affect the loading, unloading, handling, storage and The efficiency and quality of basic functions such as distribution and transportation are related to the whole logistics service level, economic and social benefits

more importantly, logistics information management is the key and core of modern logistics standardization. All kinds of information of the product will be reflected and reflected on various packages of the product. Therefore, what kind of automatic data acquisition technology (label, bar code, RF technology, etc.) should be set on different levels of packaging to facilitate the management of experimental data set is very important for logistics information management, the management of the whole logistics supply chain and even the selection of standardized samples for the whole object, as well as the management of the three groups of experimental flow system of impact testing machine. Information is the fundamental basis and decision-making basis of logistics network control. Only after mastering the comprehensive, timely and accurate information of logistics system can we ensure the controllability of logistics network. Therefore, packaging and logistics complement each other, restrict each other, are inseparable, develop and progress together. It is no exaggeration to say that all the components of the green logistics system are related to green packaging. In order to realize the green of logistics, we must realize the green of packaging - green packaging

2 connotation of green packaging

green package is not only a new concept in the packaging industry, but also a decisive factor in realizing green logistics. However, packaging is also an important means of commodity marketing. In order to pursue simple economic interests, a large number of packaging materials are abandoned by consumers after being used once. For example, the serious white pollution problem in China is caused by non degradable plastic packaging. Green packaging is to improve the green logistics system from the perspective of environmental protection and form a logistics management system symbiotic with the environment. It will be fully developed in the packaging industry and logistics industry

generally, green packaging should have five connotations: first, implement packaging reduction, and the minimum amount of packaging should be used under the condition of meeting the functions of protection, convenience and sales; Second, the packaging should be easy to reuse or recycle. Through the production of recycled products, incineration, utilization of heat energy, composting and improvement of soil, the purpose of reuse can be achieved; Third, packaging waste can be degraded and decomposed without forming permanent waste, so as to achieve the purpose of improving soil o reduce, reuse, recycle, degradable, that is, the 3 rid principle of developing green packaging recognized in the world today; Fourth, the packaging materials should be non-toxic and harmless to human body and organisms. The packaging materials should not contain toxic elements, halogens, heavy metals, or the content should be controlled below the relevant standards; Fifth, the whole life process of packaging products from raw material collection, material processing, product manufacturing, product use, waste recycling to final treatment should not cause public hazards to human body and environment. The first four points should be the requirements that green packaging must have, and the last point is the ideal highest requirements for green packaging from the perspective of system engineering based on life cycle assessment (LCA). Just like quantum's hard disk drive packaging recycling plan of American quantum company, the packaging recycling program pfup (packaging reuse program) is formulated according to LCA, which not only saves about 40% of the energy in the supply chain. Moreover, the greenhouse gas emission has been reduced by 40%. More importantly, the project can greatly save costs for quantum and its customers

3 measures to realize green packaging

green packaging refers to the packaging that saves resources and protects the environment. Green packaging requires logistics enterprises providing packaging services to carry out green packaging transformation, including using environmental protection materials, improving material utilization, designing folding packaging to reduce empty load rate, establishing packaging reuse system, etc. Promote the use of packaging in the production sector that is as simplified as possible and made of degradable materials; In the process of circulation, various measures should be taken to realize the rationalization and modernization of packaging

3.1 packaging modularization

the basis for determining the packaging size is the packaging modulus size. The coefficient of packaging size formulated to realize the rationalization of packaged goods is called packaging modulus. After the packaging module standard is determined, all kinds of products entering the circulation field need to be packaged according to the size specified by the module. Modular packaging is conducive to the collection of small packages and the use of containers and pallets. The packing box can be stacked on the pallet reasonably and efficiently according to a certain stacking method. If the packaging module can be unified with the size module of warehouse facilities and transportation facilities, it is also conducive to transportation and storage, so as to realize the rationalization of logistics system

3.2 the large-scale and containerized packaging

is conducive to the mechanization of the logistics system in the process of loading and unloading, relocation, storage and transportation, accelerate the operation speed of these links, reduce the unit packaging, save the high-temperature friction and wear experimental machine, reduce the packaging materials and packaging costs, and protect the goods. Such as container, container bag, pallet and other container loading methods

3.3 repeated and repeated use of packaging and disposal of waste packaging. Measures for recycling packaging include: using general packaging without special arrangement for return; Turnover packaging is adopted, which can be used repeatedly, such as beverage, beer bottle, etc; Cascade utilization: the packaging after one-time use can be used for other purposes after use or simply treated for other purposes; Waste packaging materials are recycled for other purposes or new materials

3.4 green material technology

green packaging materials are materials with good use performance or function, little pollution to the ecological environment, easy degradation, easy recovery, high recycling rate, or can be effectively recycled in the environment and do no harm to human body. To some extent, the current research on green packaging is the research on the reusability and degradability of packaging materials, so packaging material technology is the key to the smooth implementation of green packaging. Green materials are not only easy to handle paper materials, but also degradable plastic, aluminum packaging, and even edible packaging. From the perspective of product life cycle, paper packaging is not green packaging in a complete sense. Recycled paper is less polluting to the environment, but it can be recycled every time. Now widely used plastics, as long as we overcome the technical difficulties of non degradability, plastics can become the most important green material in the new century

3.5 develop green packaging structure

when we develop and study various new and beautiful packaging structure products, we should fully consider their green environmental protection performance. For example, carton belongs to a kind of paper packaging structure. It has three major functions of packaging, namely protection function, use function and promotion function. In addition, it has the advantages of good processing performance, easy molding and recycling, and the molding and filling process is easy to realize mechanization, automation and high speed. At present, it is widely used all over the world

3.6 green process

green process can be understood from two aspects. The first is green packaging process, that is, emphasizing environmental factors in the process of product packaging and putting the concept of environmental protection into it, which is a hot spot in the research of packaging process. The second is green manufacturing process. Green manufacturing process is first of all an advanced manufacturing process, and advanced manufacturing process is the basis of any manufacturing mode and the basis of realizing product production. The research on advanced production process has always been the most concerned subject in the business community

3.7 evaluation system of green packaging

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