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The new construction and expansion of chemical plants will be prohibited along the coast of Jiaozhou Bay recently, the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial People's Congress approved the provisions of Qingdao on marine environmental protection, which will be officially implemented on may1,2010. The implementation of the regulations provides a legal guarantee for the strategy of "protecting and developing around the bay" put forward by Qingdao and the "vigorously developing the marine economy, scientifically developing marine resources, cultivating marine advantageous industries and building a blue economic zone of Shandong Peninsula" pointed out by General Secretary Hu Jintao during his inspection in Shandong in April 2009. At the same time, it has overall and long-term significance for adjusting and standardizing the relationship between economic development and ecological civilization construction

the regulation takes the protection of Qingdao's mother Bay Jiaozhou Bay as a separate chapter and takes more stringent protection measures than other sea areas. As required by the regulations, the municipal marine fishery department, together with relevant departments and the people's Government of coastal areas (cities), shall formulate marine environmental protection plans in accordance with the standards stricter than those specified in the corresponding marine functional areas, which shall be reported to the municipal people. In the future, more factories will be established and implemented by the government. Implement the total amount control system of sewage discharge in Jiaozhou Bay. It is forbidden to build or expand chemical industry, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating, electrolysis, tanning and non-ferrous metal smelting along the coast of Jiaozhou Bay. It is a well deserved "green building"; The carbon dioxide emission from the construction of steel structure residence is about 480KG/m2, including cement, ship dismantling and other projects. It is prohibited to discharge industrial wastewater and domestic sewage directly into Jiaozhou Bay

in addition, the regulations have made clear provisions on the establishment of a multi sectoral linkage mechanism, which has laid a foundation for the departments exercising the power of marine environmental supervision and management to form a working force. First, the people's governments of the city and coastal areas (cities) are required to establish a marine environmental protection coordination mechanism of sea land interaction and departmental cooperation to solve major problems in marine environmental protection in a timely manner. Second, establish a law enforcement cooperation mechanism to prevent and control the further expansion of pollution damage. Third, establish a joint law enforcement system, and the departments exercising the power of environmental supervision and management can implement joint law enforcement

in short, the promulgation of the regulations provides a legal guarantee for the comprehensive protection of Qingdao's marine environment and plays a role in escorting the sustainable development of Qingdao's economy and society

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