China orders efforts to ensure people's health dur

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China orders efforts to ensure people's health during holidays A medical worker prepares to take swab samples from residents for coronavirus tests in Ganjingzi district of Dalian on Wednesday. LIU DEBIN/FOR CHINA DAILY

BEIJING -- China has arranged measures to ensure the wellbeing of the people, particularly vulnerable groups, and asked people to stay vigilant against COVID-19 during the forthcoming New Year and Spring Festival holidays.

Warning against slackness in COVID-19 prevention and control, China's central authorities encouraged the public to reduce unnecessary traveling and gatherings during the holidays in a recent directive.

COVID-19 prevention and control measurthe commission saides in the transport sector, including regular disinfection, temperature taking, passenger registration and number capping should be strictly observed, said the directive issued by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee anTo deal with the fentanyl overdose problemd the State Council. It also encouraged employers to stagger the New Year holidays.

Meanwhile, social relief grants should be delivered to the needy in the full amount and on time, and people's holiday consumption demands should be well satisfied, said the directive, highlighting a stable supply of power, energy and food.

While stressing production safety and public security, the directive called on the public to practice thrift and avoid food waste during the holidays. Officials should strictly observe frugality rules, it added.

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